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Skin Protection 2018 Market Overview – Mintel

This webinar will provide you with all the latest information about the fast growing and evolving skin protection category, brought to you by the experts from the Mintel Beauty team. The presentation will tap into its vast market intelligent resources to provide a comprehensive picture on how this category has become one of the major forces in skin care, thanks to growing consumer awareness about the numerous environmental hazards that can cause significant damage to the skin.
An ever increasing body of evidence points to a number of causes, with UV rays from the sun probably topping the list. But now research into other hazards, including air pollution and artificial light has significantly expanded demand for skin protection products that tackle these problems too. Mintel’s presentation will go into detail about the growing scope for products that tackle these specific skin care issues and the type of products that are being launched to target skin protection.


Future-proof your skin from the effects of daily stress

In our busy and “hyper-connected” world, stress has become an ongoing challenge for many people. Sustained stress affects mind and body in various ways and a recent study confirmed that psychological stress does indeed cause skin barrier function to deteriorate. Cortisol, known as the “stress hormone”, needs no introduction.
Persistently high levels of cortisol can be very damaging to the skin, but when cortisol levels are balanced and in check, the skin reflects this and looks better. The presentation highlights BEL-EVEN a new cosmetic ingredient that does just this. By inhibiting the enzyme 11ß-HSD1, BEL-EVEN locally rebalances the negative, long-term effects of stress on skin.


All-Round Protection of Skin

In recent decades, the blue light and air pollution that we have encountered are increased rapidly due to development of technology and environmental change. While we are focused on protecting the skin under UV lights, blue light from a cell phone, tablet or any electronic device could damage the skin and increase the risk of premature skin aging.
In addition, micro-sized air pollutants from outdoors directly affect our health and the quality of skin, furthermore lead to skin inflammation and acne formation. This webinar Corum will introduce Et-VC™ to protect the skin from high energy light exposure and launch a novel patented active ingredient Apobac™ to maintain the pure and flawless skin from air pollution-induced skin problems.

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  • Kuan Yeh
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  • Corum Inc.


De – Stress your Skin

Our Skin is not foreign to the harmful effects of pollution. Sun is not the only villain when it comes to skin aging and damage, rapid urbanization has also increased pollution levels in our surroundings, sometimes even our choice of personal care products may expose our skin to harsh chemicals.
Pollution damages our skin in a number of ways, including dermatitis, allergies, uneven skin tone, rashes, dryness, host of other skin problems and of course aging. Many of these are related to oxidative stress and inflammation in skin caused by pollutants around us. In this presentation we will be looking at some of the natural products which can not only neutralize but also de-stress your skin from the harmful side effects of pollutants.


Hydrate and Detox – Skin Protection from the Inside Out

A unique approach to protecting your skin. Hydrating the skin through biological moisturization helps to restore the skin’s barrier. Detoxing the skin with the power of coconut water brings more vitality, energy and health to the skin.

Hydration through biological moisturization – One of the main factors responsible for skin dehydration refers to changes in the skin barrier. The stratum corneum, which contributes to skin barrier function is a dynamic and metabolically interactive tissue which comprises about 60% structural proteins, 20% water, and 20% lipids. When the barrier function and water-retention ability of the stratum corneum are compromised, skin dryness can develop, at a point that the stratum corneum becomes less flexible and begins to crack or fissure. Strategies for skin moisturization may include the use of occlusion agents, humectants and biological moisturizers. Both strategies are temporary and will disappear as soon as they are removed from the skin. Biological moisturizers, on the other hand, will act on skin physiology stimulating it to restore its barrier, improving water flow within the epidermis and dermis while supplying immediate hydration and long-lasting results. Based on a concept of intelligent water distribution and maintenance and protection of skin barrier, Chemyunion has developed a smart solution is our laboratories to act on the major causes of skin dehydration, which is also related to skin aging process.

Coconut water for healthier skin – Detoxification means removing all toxins from the body. Detoxification is a vital cellular task that, if it does not work properly, can lead to the development of degenerative diseases and even to death. The detoxification process involves mobilizing, biotransformation and elimination of toxic compounds of exogenous and endogenous origin. Chemyunion has created a mechanism that consists of coconut water in powder rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the correct operation of the process of detoxification of the skin.

Enjoy the Q&A session afterwards for more information!


Helping skin to help itself

The outermost layer of our skin, the epidermis, constitutes both a physical and immunological barrier for our body. It is supported in its role by the microbes which live on its surface. Protection of skin’s functionality has important advantages, both for its ability to perform well and for the way it looks and feels.
Cosmetic active ingredients can support the skin in protecting itself and optimizing the processes needed to obtain good quality and attractive skin. CLR’s webinar will go into the different possibilities, including the increase of tolerance of skin against UV light and probiotic approaches supporting skin quality and its microbiome.


Full protection against light damage and highly sensorial experience: identifying the need for multi-functional ingredients for sun care formulations.

As consumer’s awareness of the impact of light exposure on skin grows, there is an increased concern over the damage that can be caused not only by UV exposure but also by environmental high energy visible light, also known as blue light. For formulators, this is only one of the new challenges they face when creating sun care products with high level of protection and pleasant sensorial properties that are compatible with daily usage and application.
Acknowledging the need for new multifunctional ingredients that can both contribute to the enlarged light protection and enhance the experience of consumers, Sensient® has developed Covabead® Crystal, an innovative physical filter that provides a 360° protection against light while providing an immediate sense of satisfaction upon application, along with a complete offering of high performance ingredients for sun care formulators, with the belief that protecting is better than recovering.


How skin care research is tackling artificial light

There is a growing body of evidence that artificial light from a range of household and everyday appliances is playing havoc on our skin. UV rays from both blue light and white light is leading to concern that increasingly heavy exposure is jeopardizing skin health in a number of ways, not least by causing photoaging.
In this presentation the CosmeticsDesign will expound on the latest research, as well as giving an in depth look at the type of formulation and product solutions that are being launched on the market as a way of answering consumer concerns about light pollution by providing comprehensive protection.